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Be Organised

"Convergent Commerce" is the next evolution of multichannel strategy – where brands deliver unified customer experiences across all platforms.

Be Inspiring

A good strategy is not enough, you need a good story too...

Be Catchy

Buzz Marketing, Happy Marketing, it doesn't matter how you call it, the thing here is to catch the attention of the end consumer by matching your message to his mood, his social environment etc..

Be Everywhere

Be consistent, anywhere, anytime, preferably everywhere, all the time.

Be Found

SEO is pretty simple, really. It boils down to doing q few things right...

Be Attractive & Understood

Because there is only one chance to make a first good impression...

Be Bought

Internet and mobile phones have blurred the geographic boundaries of eCommerce – allowing consumers to interact and transact with your brand regardless of their physical location.

Be Viral

Jef I. Richards is right: “While it may be true that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, never lose sight of the fact it also can be the worst advertising.”

Be Relevant

Internet is more than ever a competitive environment and it has become crucial to create strong relationships with visitors and to maintain close contact with them. Here is 6 tips to do it right.



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In these modern times, Marketing is not the art of shouting louder than his neighbour so everybody can hear without listening.
It is rather whispering to someone the solution to his cravings. 
If this someone feels well advised, he will then practice by himself the oldest (and most efficient) marketing technique, the word-of-mouth. 


Digital Marketing


Media Planning




Social Media


Email Marketing


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Sales &Marketing degree at École Atlantique de Commerce, delivered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nantes, France.

  • Business Marketing: market studies, sales technics, direct marketing, merchandising..
  • Finance & Management: Tax system of companies, financial market, buying..
  • Method and Tools: project management, creativity, oral expression..
  • Business Strategy: company economy, sociology of organizations, civil law.
  • Culture & Language: interlcultural management, press review
  • Information & Telecommunication Specialization


Thanks to various work experiences I can speak two and a half languages.

  • French: Mother Tongue
  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Intermediate


I love graphic design, been practicing for countless years..not essential in my work but it has been a life savior many times.

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • iLife suite
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe inDesign
  • Sony SoundForge
  • Sony Acid Pro

Web Tools

Here is a sample list of tools I use daily.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Insights
  • Facebook Pages & Profiles
  • Twitter Lists
  • Youtube Channels
  • WordPress, Drupal & Joomla
  • Magento



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“Knowledge of Man is the root of all success” 
Charlie Chaplin

They are


Alex Shepherd

Marketing Manager

“I trained Francois for his marketing role when I started focusing more directly on products. First of all, I would say that Francois is very easy to work with / manage – he is enthusiastic and good fun to be around.

Secondly, his marketing knowledge is excellent, particularly in the Online area – where his excellent IT skills often push him ahead of the pack. Lastly, you also get a very creative and skilled designer / producer into the bargain. The breadth of his ability makes him a sought-after candidate.”

Jon Lawrence

Product Manager

“Francois joined Group NBT’s customer service team while I was working as Product Manager, and quickly stood out from his peers as someone who had both the wherewithal and ambition to move upwards within the company.

He has strong marketing instincts and is a well-polished individual. I was not surprised when he was appointed to his new role and am sure he will succeed in it.”

Vincent Pellerin

International Buyer

“I am pleased to endorse Francois Hotte, because he is a creative and professional person. He has a strong sense of responsibilities, and what is the most important to me, is that he is able to adapt himself to any situation. He has a huge background in the IT sector and in the customer relationship management.

As an international worker, he will, for sure, bring in any company or any job a real competitive advantage.”

Paula Grady


“Francois is a detailed orientated marketing professional, these skills were bought to the fore when we launched a new programme with Group NBT.

I found him to be responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with.”


    Are you looking for a responsive and evolutive Digital Marketing Manager?

    You’re just one click away of finding a great profile. Here is my CV.

    ENG FR


    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Defining and running the digital and acquisition Marketing Strategy
  • Spreading timely and positive media coverage across digital and traditional media
  • Managing the wholesale and digital retail marketing budget
  • Analysing potential strategic partner relationships
  • Planning and executing the marketing strategy of two brands in wholesale
  • Implementing online games, newsletters, co-registration and ad-campaigns
  • Actively enhancing the web marketing tools of the group
  • Overlooking the direct email marketing activity
  • Supervising the redesign of websites
  • Launching a brand new iOS and Android app in France and Internationally
  • Online Marketing Manager

  • Establishing the Marketing Strategy
  • Developing the affiliate customers network and partners
  • Creating and implementing SEO and Social Media Strategy
  • Reporting traffic reports, web analytics and campaigns ROI
  • Bringing the synergy between print advertising and other medias
  • Working closely with the Management and Development team to deliver projects
  • Improving the customer experience accross websites
  • Training support team on new products
  • Organising stands on industry trade shows
  • Designing corporate web banners and graphics (Flash and static)
  • Managing projects such as the implementation of an Email Marketing Solution
  • Communicating with customers via newsletters and targeted email campaigns
  • Technical Support Specialist

  • Providing technical, and sales support to UK customers on web hosting and domain name services
  • Customer Service Agent

  • Providing technical, billing and sales support in French and English
  • Liaising with billing team, sales team and customer service team through general administrative duties and order status – using internal software: Navision and ACT
  • Translating web pages from English to French
  • Managing french partners relationships
  • Dealing with Hostmaster tasks
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    spare time
    is fresh air


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    Need additional information about my profile? Get in touch.

    You can also download my CV in English or in French, you choose.

    For those who want to get to know me and to make this experience last a little longer, have a look at my blog, enjoy!


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